LETTER: We need a walk-in centre in Boston


We all know trying to see your doctor in Boston can be a problem.

We are told that there are not enough doctors available and we are also told that the A&E department at Pilgrim Hospital is always full as people are using it as an alternative when they wish to see a doctor but can’t get an appointment.

Boston Labour councillors urgently call upon Lincolnshire East Clinical Commissioning Group to create a walk-in clinic at Pilgrim Hospital so our Accident & Emergency department can be just that - for accidents and emergencies and not be crowded with walk-in patients who could be treated by a GP or nurse. We believe this will reduce the health pressures that are facing our communities.

We also believe that we have another problem, which is not being able to recruit and retain enough doctors and nurses to meet the needs of our town. This affects the viability of not just our GP services but our essential Pilgrim Hospital services. If NHS England, working together with other health bodies such as our local trusts, doesn’t resolve this crucial problem, this will affect the long term health of our communities.

We need to see packages put together to encourage more nurses and doctors to train in Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. Without this we will see some of our GP surgeries closing down and a massive reduction in the quality of services at Pilgrim Hospital and in our community led services. We all want to see a National Health Service that is fit for purpose and serves all our communities when we need it.

Boston Labour councillors

Via email