Life-saving tool at community gym

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A community-focused business in Boston has been awarded a life-saving piece of equipment available for use by the public.

Boston Body Hub, in Wide Bargate, has been presented with a defibrillator following a succesful application to the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The community gym is making the equipment available for public use - not just on site, but beyond into town.

It is also set to deliver free training in how to use the piece of kit as well as perform cardiopulmonary resusication (CPR).

Boston Body Hub launched last year as a social enterprise - an organisation that aims to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment, where profits are re-invested back into the business or the local community.

It is a community interest company, a type of business introduced by the Government in 2005 designed for social enterprises.

In addition to being a gym, the Hub also runs cookery demonstrations, art and craft classes, shared reading sessions, counselling and mediation services and more.

Dr Cyril Nyman, health and wellbeing director with the company, described the equipment as ‘superb’, saying it can recognise when a person’s heart needs to be shocked.

“We need as many as we can get out in the community,” he added.

Debra O’Neil, strategic director for the company, described the donation as ‘incredible’ and thanked the BHF.

She said: “We are in their gratitute. It’s a fantastic piece of kit.”

Judy O’Sullivan, assistant programme director, said: “More than 30,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital every year but less than one in 10 survive.

“More people could be saved if more defibrillators were available in public places and if more people felt confident using them and performing CPR.”