Maternity investment due as Boston’s baby boom is revealed

Pilgrim Hospital Maternity Wing.
Pilgrim Hospital Maternity Wing.

Boston is in the midst of its very own baby boom, with birth rates in the area soaring at more than twice the national level.

Statistics show that the number of babies born in Boston has shot up by more than 53 per cent in the past few years – compared with 22 per cent across the UK as a whole.

The figures put Boston third in the country for the increase in birth rates, according to the Office for National Statistics, which predicts the UK birth rate could top 743,000 by next year.

The news comes as the Pilgrim Hospital has been chosen to get a chunk of £25 million funding for the maternity unit.

A recent report into maternity services showed increases such as those in Boston were putting tremendous strain on birth units across the UK - with an estimated 5,000 more midwives needed..

Cathy Warwick, chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives, said: “Maternity units are under intense strain and have been now for many years, with many midwives really at the end of their tether in terms of what they can tolerate. We are reaching a crucial tipping point for maternity services in England.”

During Boston Borough Council’s task and finish group into population change it was said that births from migrant mothers had helped keep the Pilgrim’s maternity unit open.

The maternity unit at Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital is in line for new equipment, after it was selected as one of more than 100 NHS hospitals to receive a funding boost.

The facility’s slice of £25 million funding from the Department of Health will go towards a new birthing pool and equipment to improve what is referred to as ‘the birthing environment.’

Some of the money will go towards new chairs to allow partners to stay with new mothers when rules about this are relaxed at the beginning of next month.