New clinic for cancer patients

Lung Cancer team
Lung Cancer team

HOSPITAL bosses are promising faster treatment for anyone who fears they may have lung cancer with a new ‘one-stop-clinic’ in Boston.

The Pilgrim Hospital’s respiratory department has been transformed so that patients referred to it for suspected lung cancer can now have all their diagnostic tests done on their first visit.

The clinics, held each Thursday, will be put on thanks to a £95,000 redevelopment and should cut waiting times.

Dr David Boldy, consultant physician in respiratory medicine, said: “If a GP thinks a patient may have cancer and the patient is referred to us, then we have a two week target for them to have a hospital appointment. So as well as meeting that target, when they come to the clinic we try to do as many tests as we can on that first day.

“Previously patients would need to come in at least two or three times but now we can usually have the results of their biopsy five days after they attend the clinic.”

Patients can now turn up on the day of the clinic and have a CT scan and bronchoscopy, if they have not had these done previously. They can also have blood and urine tests, breathing tests, a chest examination and see a Macmillan nurse for support and advice.

The results can help create a 3D model of the lungs and doctors can also use throat cameras to investigate breathing problems and test whether patients need oxygen at home.