Patients’ praise

PATIENTS have given the thumbs up to the work of Occupational therapists at the Pilgrim Hospital.

The department invited former patients back in to find out their views on their service and the project has now been rolled out across the county and been featured in a trade journal.

Head occupational therapist Sara Blackbourn said: “Overall responses were very positive and provided some constructive comments.

“From the 72 responses, 97 per cent felt that they were given a reason for referral and 85 per cent an explanation of the purpose of their subsequent therapy sessions.

“Between 88 and 93 per cent of respondents felt that therapy staff were always friendly, helpful, respectful and professional.”

The feedback has lead to a leaflet being developed explaining the work of the OT team and new goals being set to include patients in the decision making process.

Sara added: “For a small minority of respondents it was clear that the role of the OT was not fully understood. A small number said that occupational therapy did not make a difference to them.

“However, there were a significant number of positive comments. Many patients reported that occupational therapy gave them more confidence to return home.”