Patients praise Pilgrim in the face of damning report

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Patients have defended Boston Pilgrim Hospital after another inspection report labelled it as ‘failing’.

The Care Quality Commission issued a report this morning in which it demanded urgent action at the hospital – saying it was meeting none of the required national standards.

That was followed by news that a team from Sheffield will be sent in to Lincolnshire hospitals by health secretary Jeremy Hunt to pull them out of ‘special measures’.

The news was greeted with frustration by staff and patients, who say they are tired of negative reports about the Pilgrim.

Boston mum Jane Martin heaped praise on the hospital for the care it gave her daughter in the summer – saying it was completely different to the Pilgrim’s reputation in the community.

Her 11-year-old April fell from her bike and broke her wrist in two places on August 4 – a Sunday.

April was taken to hospital at about 8.45pm and was taken into surgery by around midnight.

She was then given full after care by the Pilgrim and is on the road to a full recovery.

Jane said: “The ambulance crew when they picked her up to A&E to children’s ward to fracture clinic, everything was amazing.

“I have lived in Lincolnshire for eight years and all I have heard is bad reports. I was petrified when we had to go there but everything was just fine.

“I took them a card and some chocolates. They are always getting criticism, they must be fed up of it - they can’t win really.

“The care we received was second to none.”

Jane’s views were echoed on the Boston Standard’s Facebook page, where readers offered an insight into their experience at the Pilgrim.

Sally Revell said: “I must say twice I’ve been in Pilgrim and had full hip replacments and have to say my two stays were good infact great I did feel nurses were under pressure simply because there weren’t enough off them that’s not there fault though.”

Dee Gray wrote: “I hear good reports from patients of the Pilgrim all the time I think it really is about time we focused on actually how good the service is considering the massive constraints the staff there have to work within.

“The real issue is there is not enough staff for the amount of people the hospital has to look after.”

Clare Stephens added: “And why don’t they make nursing training more accessible to people with children? Then they might have more trained nurses!! I’d do it tomorrow!”

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