Pharmacy gets £75k ‘healthy’ makeover

Kirton pharmacy
Kirton pharmacy

The pharmacy in Kirton has been given a £75,000 makeover to transform it into a ‘healthy living hub’.

Lincolnshire Co-op’s Pharmacy, on Boston Road, has adopted a new style which puts more emphasis on providing clinical services and giving information and advice on health matters.

In turn this aims to ease some of the pressue on doctors’ surgeries.

The new approach means more space has been given over to private consultation rooms, an information area and seating. There is also a large poster and leaflet display featuring advice on healthy diets, weight management and healthy lifestyles.

Head of pharmacy Alastair Farquhar said: “Introducing the healthy living concept is invaluable to our customers as it gives our pharmacists and trained pharmacy advisors a better environment to be able to provide a wealth of information and services to patients. In some cases it can even save you a trip to your local GP.

“Prevention is always better than cure so it is excellent to be able to provide clinical services like blood pressure and blood glucose tests which can identify future problems. We are also able to offer healthy living advice, such as giving up smoking, weight management and sexual health services.”

Private consultation facilities enable a wide range of important services to be provided, including various health checks.

The pharmacy offers free tests for blood pressure, blood glucose and body mass index.

It also has specially-trained advisors who work as part of the Phoenix Smoking Cessation Service.