Pilgrim Hospital staff put efforts into fundraising for good causes

Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.
Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.

Staff at Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital have been putting their efforts into fundraising to boost good causes.

Over the past two years, staff in the Accident and Emergency Department have been holding fundraising events in the main entrance of the hospital.

The first event was a 24 hour sponsored bike ride, cake stall, tombola and raffle which raised £4,300 for a new piece of equipment for the Pilgrim Breast Unit after two members of staff had both been diagnosed with breast cancer.

On Thursday, December 19, a 12 hour static bike ride, raffle and book stall event raised around £1,200 
for the Ryan Smith Foundation.

Staff nurse Simon Horniblow said: “For the last two years we have had a fundraiser in the main entrance of the hospital to show although we are a busy department we care for our staff and patients and want to show this by raising funds for the community.”

Both of these events have been generously supported by local businesses who names and logos have been displayed at each of the events. Plans for the next fundraising event are already underway.