Pilgrim is chosen as centre for special medical facility

PATIENTS suffering with vascular conditions in Boston will soon no longer have to travel out of the county for treatment, after Pilgrim Hospital was chosen as the new site for a specialist unit.

The Sibsey Road hospital will now become one of a small number of regional centres dedicated to carrying out more operations to treat vascular conditions, which affect a person’s circulation.

It will mean major development for the centre over the next year - a new vascular laboratory will be created and the unit will be fitted with the latest technology and a ward will be converted to cater solely for vascular inpatients, who previously had to travel to Leicester or Nottingham for treatment.

The move will also mean that more staff will be recruited at the hospital.

Dr Jayrama Mohan, consultant vascular surgeon at Pilgrim Hospital, said: “The vascular team at Pilgrim are committed to providing the best quality of services and care to each one of our patients and I believe the new improvements will allow us to build on the success of the current unit.”