Post-mortems to move 50 miles away

BEREAVED relatives in Boston are facing changes to the way post-mortems are carried out in the area, after plans to transfer the service out of the county were confirmed by Lincolnshire County Council.

After September 1, deceased requiring a post-mortem will be taken to specialist centres in Peterborough and Nottingham, taking the service away from hospitals in Boston and Lincoln where they are currently performed.

The council claims that the changes will have little impact on the process, as many cases are already taken to these sites, which offer a more modern service over six days a week, rather than five.

Donna Sharp, county services manager at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We want families to receive the best possible care and support following a bereavement. We have carried out a tendering process for coronial mortuary services, to make sure the service is of the very best quality and demonstrates value for money. There will be no additional transport costs involved for those who have lost loved ones, and at all times the dignity of the deceased and the distress of families are uppermost in our thoughts.”

Previously, services had no contractural basis.

Changes have been slammed by the union Unison, which said the changes could cause unecessary distress for families, delay funerals and lead to extra cost for hospital trusts.