Slimmer sets up her own group to help others

Lynne Rayner before
Lynne Rayner before

The new-found confidence of a woman who shed two and a half stone with a slimming group has motivated her to set up her own group.

Lynne Rayner went from a size 16 (right) to a size eight (left) with the help of Slimming World – and now she wants to help other people to do the same.

She has had a group in Donington for some time, but re-launched the weekly meeting at the Ruby Hunt Centre last night.

Lynne told The Standard she decided to lose weight when she realised that none of her clothes fitted properly.

She added: “I didn’t realise the stage I had got to with my weight, but I had a wardrobe full of lovely clothes that I couldn’t get in to.

“It was almost like it crept on overnight.

“That’s when I decided to go to Slimming World, and it was very successful.

“It does work. It gives you a boost. I feel much healthier, I have more energy.

“Who would not feel good going from bursting out of a size 14 to getting into a size ten?”

Lynne, who lives in Deeping St Nicholas with her family, said she found the healthy eating plan very simple to follow.

“There is so much free food available that you will never be hungry. You just need to make sure you are eating the right food.”