VIDEO: Casual drug users to get help at new town clinic

A NEW service is hoping to give help to all drug takers and drinkers in Boston.

Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT) is hoping its Drug and Alcohol Recovery Team (DART) will be able to provide an ‘end to end’ service, focused on recovery, at its Boston base in Babbage House.

Nigel Dixon at Beech House, Boston.

Nigel Dixon at Beech House, Boston.

The trust recently put in an application to change the use of the building so it could include clinical treatment such as Hepatitis B vaccinations, urine screenings and health examinations.

Head of Drug and Alcohol Service Nige Dixon said the new services allowed for a holistic approach and gave the trust more control to assist people into a full recovery.

He said: “One of the major benefits is the fact people will get to meet people they will see all the way through their treatment process rather than having a lot of people have to tell their story to lots of people through their journey.”

The new services will be aimed at everybody, including recreational users who find minor problems such as hangovers affecting everyday life.

“No matter what your needs are, this is about if you are using substances and it’s causing you some kind of problem,” he said.

“It’s not just heavy users, but it opens the door to people who might currently need a service,” said Mr Dixon.

He said in Boston there was a significant proportion of people who experienced drug and alcohol problems at periods during their lives, with the treatment population currently at ‘approximately 400’ at any one time – said to be similar to other parts of the county.

It is hoped Babbage House will have a footfall of 35 users a day.