What’s up Doc? Find out at Boston market stall

GETTING an appointment at the doctors can be a nightmare – so why not take the chance to chat to a GP when you’re at the market?

Doctors from the Westside Surgery, on Sleaford Road, will be setting up stall at Boston’s market on Saturday and will be fielding questions from members of the public during the day.

Doctors Simon Lowe, Adeel Asim, James Thompson, Martyn Walling and Afshan Butt will be available throught the day for an informal chat about the surgery and ideas for how it could improve, as well as general advice on staying fit and healthy.

Practice manager Bronya Glet said: “This won’t be a traditional surgery to discuss personal health details, but an opportunity to answer patients’ questions about what we do, how we do it and to find ways of improving what we do.

“We hope that by bringing ourselves into the community, more patients will feel comfortable chatting informally with us.”

The team will be manning the stall from 8am until 3.30pm, along with from the Boobs and Balls campaign and the practice’s health trainer.