‘Help us to get Martin home’ – desperate plea to help ill former Boston man

Martin Wood (Widge)
Martin Wood (Widge)

Friends and family are desperately trying to get a former Boston man home to be surrounded by those who love him.

Martin Woods, affectionately known by friends as Widge, moved to Corfu 10 years ago, however he has recently suffered a stroke.

Unfortunately, 56-year-old Mr Woods, who prior to moving had lived in Boston all his life, has no savings and no insurance, but his family want him back in the United Kingdom so he can be treated and be surrounded by those who love him.

Family friend Toni-Leanne Stokes set up a ‘gofundme’ account after finding out what had happened from one of Mr Woods’ friends.

Those in the UK have been told he has a clot in a main artery in the brain.

He is in hospital, bed-bound, has lost sight in one eye and has very little movement down one side of his body, said Ms Stokes.

He is believed to need physiotherapy but is not entitled to treatment in Corfu.

Ms Stokes said: “Widge is a top guy, known and loved in Boston by many. He has a brilliant sense of humour, loves a good laugh and is always smiling. He’s a big Liverpool FC fan.

“Widge was my Dad’s best friend, me and my brother class him as our uncle. We always had Widge around growing up and miss him dearly. I am going to raise the money to get Widge home ASAP, like I would do for any blood-related family member.

“We will just all be happy to have him home and see him getting the help he desperately needs.

“I started the gofundme page after a conversation with my Dad as we knew none of us had the kind of money he will need and we need him home.

She added: “gofundme is doing OK so far, a few more little things are being done to make a little more, and his friends in Corfu are also having fundraising days to add to the fund.”

Those donating have raised £865 at the time of going to press.

It is unclear how much is needed to be raised and the family are working with the Embassy in Corfu to clarify - however the money will be used to get Mr Woods and some of his belongings back to the UK, get him a nurse here, pay for treatment in Corfu and in the UK, medication and accommodation.

n To donate visit https://www.gofundme.com/uk4efu8c