Hero hound re-homed from Sutterton trust

Brave Greyhound Zeus, formerly known as Gleeson, with Ian Nixon from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.
Brave Greyhound Zeus, formerly known as Gleeson, with Ian Nixon from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.

A hero Greyhound who has twice saved the life of other dogs through emergency blood transfusions has finally found himself a loving home.

Former racing dog Gleeson hit the headlines in last Tuesday’s Free Press when it was revealed he had saved a second life but was still being overlooked by visitors to the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust’s kennels near Sutterton.

But within hours of appearing in Spalding Market Place last Saturday with other hounds looking for love, Gleeson – now re-named Zeus – found himself a new family.

New owner Alison Collingsworth, of Grimsby, told the Free Press: “My husband Steve had always wanted a Greyhound but our rescue dog, a Labrador, would not mix with other dogs.

“Sadly, he passed away a couple of months ago after seven years with us, and Steve was lost.

“The house was so quiet. There was no-one to meet us when we got home.”

So the couple looked for Greyhound re-homing groups online, saw the one at Sutterton and paid them a visit immediately.

“We looked at all the dogs and it’s difficult when they’re all barking and all wanting a home, but Steve kept going back to Zeus.

“It was not until we had decided to have him that they told us he was a hero.

“He’s been with us a week now and he’s been no trouble at all. He’s totally wonderful.

“My son Jack (13) renamed him Zeus and my daughterAlice, who is at university, has been speaking to him on Facetime through the iPad.”

“He has fitted in perfectly. He has his own Advent calendar and presents under the tree.

“Friends are coming round to see hime too. It’s like having a new child.”

Steve has also been researching Zeus’ racing history from the days when he was called ‘Go On Gleeson’.

There was one small teething problem though. After spending three hours wrapping presents, Alison went to bed, only to find the next morning that Zeus had ‘unwrapped’ most of them.

“But we forgive him. It’s a shame when people don’t treat dogs nicely – and Zeus has certainly found a loving home.”

Kevin Stow, chairman of the Greyhound Trust charity, said: “Zeus’ owner brought him to us to find him a good home after he stopped racing.

“He was well-known at Peterborough Greyhound Stadium.”