Hitting back at home criticism

THE manager of an old people’s home which received a damning report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has claimed the inspection did not give an accurate picture of life at the home.

Manor Gate care home, in Wyberton, failed in each of the four key areas when inspectors visited at the end of May, including protecting residents from harm, providing a clean and safe environment and providing care to meet patients’ needs.

But according to home manager Heidi Gotts, the negative report did not show the hard work and loving care which takes place at the Causeway home.

She told The Standard: “It wasn’t accurate at all. A lot of things were taken out of context. You can’t come into a home and just spend an hour or so working here. You won’t get the full picture of what’s going on. You don’t see the care. It was all very negative.

“A lot of the girls who work here have got their mum, their dad or the grandparents in here. It’s a real family place.”

When the CQC inspector visited the home at the end of May, they found that rights of privacy and dignity for the home’s eight residents was not respected, that residents were not getting the right care to meet their needs, and that the home did not provide a clean and safe environment for the residents to live in.

Issues with training were also raised.

In the report from the visit, which was published at the end of June, the inspector advised that improvements were needed.

Ms Gotts said Manor Gate was ‘a nice home’ and added a number of changes had been made for the better at the site.

She said: “A lot has changed since the report. We have changed quite a lot for the better and we are just going to keep improving.”

A spokesman for the CQC told The Standard that another inspection would take place in the future.

She added: “When we have highlighted concerns at an inspection, we then schedule another inspection to check on compliance and if the home is still not complying we inping enforcement through the medium of warning notices. Warning notices give the service timeframe to achieve compliance.”