Hollywood star makes Pilgrimage to Boston

SHE’S the Hollywood actress who has made movies in glamorous locations around the world, but Ashley Judd has recently been filming in Boston.

As part of the US version of hit TV show Who Do You Think You Are? The 43-year-old traced her family tree back to influential Pilgrim Father William Brewster, who was imprisoned in the town’s Guildhall cells as he attempted to skip the country and begin a new life in a more religiously-tolerant land.

Former Boston man Will Yates, who now lives and works in Minnesota, shares his views on the NBC show...

BOSTON was the end of a long journey of family history for Hollywood celebrity Ashley Judd.

The American actress, star of the films including Double Jeopardy, Kiss the Girls and Tooth Fairy, filmed a segment of the US version of Who Do You Think You Are? in Boston.

The series, which is an American spin-off of the popular BBC documentary, traces the ancestry of celebrities and takes them on a journey to uncover their heritage.

The episode aired on US television earlier this month, and was seen following her heritage from Boston, USA to Boston England.

After the discovery that her great-great-great grandfather lost a leg in the US Civil War in 1864, Judd was spurred on to explore her family’s roots even further back.

Her search led her to Boston, Massachusetts, where the New England Genealogical Society listed a family by the name of Brewster 12 generations in her past.

The programme followed Judd across the pond to York where she is astounded to discover her family line is directly linked to William Brewster, the bailiff to the Archbishop of York and later Pilgrim who was born in Nottinghamshire circa 1566.

Judd’s journey reached an emotional climax when she visited Boston’s Guildhall where Brewster was held in 1607, after being arrested while seeking escape to religious freedom in Holland.

The filming took place in the town on February 25 and the director of the episode, Kate Richter-Green, said that the visit had a powerful impact on the Hollywood actress.

“She was very moved by the prison cells at the Guildhall and the story of her ancestor having been imprisoned there,” Richter-Green recalled.

The Guildhall was the only location in Boston that the TV crew visited.