Hospital praised after fair ride collapsed

FUNFAIR-goers in Skegness who were taken to Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital after a ride collapsed have praised the response of doctors and nurses at the facility.

Seven patients were taken to the hospital after the Surf Rider at Botton’s Pleasure Beach collapsed, leaving 22 people stranded in the ride until they could be freed by the emergency services.

This happened 14 days ago.

One of the patients, Nikita Patel, said she was very impressed with the care she received at the hospital.

She said: “Everyone was calm and knew exactly what they were doing. I received my treatment straight away and knew what would be happening every step of the way. I couldn’t thank them enough.”

The Sibsey Road hospital would have been prepared to deal with a lot more casualties, as it responded by immediately putting into place its major incident plan.

Staff set up a control centre to ensure efforts were coordinated and information could be properly communicated.

Jennie Negus, incident commander, said: “The response from all staff at Pilgrim Hospital was outstanding. Everyone instinctively knew what actions to take and immediately prepared their areas to respond to the incident. I am extremely proud of all our staff, whether directly involved in the incident or ensuring services continued to operate.”

All patients were released from the hospital within 24 hours.