Hot meals for primary schools


Two primary schools are set to benefit from funding to enjoy more hot meals.

A fully-equipped kitchen pod has been installed at Stickney Primary School – one of seven units across the county.

At Friskney Primary School, a new kitchen has been installed to accommodate the increased demand for meals cooked on site.

This will also enable the school to transport meals to a nearby school.

The move comes after Lincolnshire County Council won a significant £1.2million bid from the Department for Education under the universal free school meals programme.

Councillor Patricia Bradwell, who is executive councillor for children’s services, said: “We are delighted to have secured significant funding from the DfE to make these new school kitchens a reality.

“This means more than 2,500 Lincolnshire pupils now have access to nutritious hot meals which are cooked on site.

“Some of the new kitchen pods are also providing meals for neighbouring schools.

“As well as the health benefits, studies suggest that young children eating a healthy meal together can improve their development and social skills, increase concentration and prepare them better to learn.”