Housekeeper scoops £10k on Health Lottery

Mrs Elizabeth Steele who has won �10.000 on the Health Lottery.
Mrs Elizabeth Steele who has won �10.000 on the Health Lottery.

A housekeeper at a Boston hotel had the stamp of good fortune after a trip to the post office turned into a special delivery worth £10,000.

After years of trying, Elizabeth Steele, 63, of Butterwick scooped the amount on the Health Lottery in time for Christmas when one of her tickets came up as a winner.

Mrs Steele hinted that she was planning to spend her small fortune on a new bathroom, but would have to talk it over with her partner first.

“I bought the winning ticket at Butterwick Post Office in November and a week later, I took it back to get it checked.

“The lady at the counter said the prize was too much to pay out there and so I rang the Health Lottery which gave me the pleasant surprise of having won £10,000.

“I couldn’t believe it because I’ve never won anything of that size before and it’s usually been just £20 or £25.”

Mrs Steele, who has no children, revealed that her winning streak started five years ago when she won a ‘nice’ picnic set after entering a magazine competition.

“I usually have two Health Lottery tickets and buy six numbers, three on each one, something I’ve been doing with my partner for a while,” Mrs Steele added.

“I also do the National Lottery now and again, but not very often, so it’s quite exciting to get a win.

“It was a shock at first and I’ve not really told anybody about it, except my partner.

“But then you think ‘I’ve got some extra money in the bank’.”