Hush – not talking raises £600 total

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-160714-151853001

Silence really has been golden for one Boston shop worker, after a seven hour no talking stint raised £600.

Michelle Casey, who works at Tesco, carried out the sponsored silence at the front of the store recently - with her mouth covered by gaffer 

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-160714-152815001

She was raising money for James Thorpe, the firefighter who was recently injured while on holiday in Magaluf - with doctors and warning that he may be left paralyzed.

Michelle said: “I did it for seven hours with donations coming from work work colleagues and customers that came into the shop.”

Michaela admits that she is a chatterbox, and even refused to take a break during her charity stint in case she was tempted to speak.

The £600 was presented to MichaelaWatson recently and adds to a total of £13,000 which is being raised for the couple to go towards either a specially – modified car with wheelchair access or 
alterations to the couples’ house.

Michaela told the Standard that James, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation in Sheffield, has been ‘amazed’ by the efforts of people like Michelle.

She said: “James is very positive. We’ve been told he may never walk again but we’re going to prove the doctors wrong.”

James recently moved his toe, something the family aere seeing as a good sign.

Michaela also praised the fire service who have helped the family through this difficult time.

Once James has completed his rehabilitation, he will be going to the fire services own specialist rehabilitation centre.

James, 28, suffered his injuries just hours into his stag after going for a swim with his friends after arriving inMagaluf.

He fell in the sea, damaging his neck and leaving him hospitalised.