Illegal parking on council’s agenda

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PEOPLE who park illegally in Boston’s streets may soon be facing tough new penalties – if a Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) scheme is approved at borough level.

The county authority is hoping to introduce Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE), which will see it take over the responsibility of enforcing non-endorseable on-street traffic offences from the police.

The scheme, which it is hoped will run from Autumn 2012, was discussed at a Boston Borough Council scrutiny committee meeting on Wednesday.

It will allow robust enforcement of on-street parking offences by introducing three civil parking enforcers to the town.

Councillors did raise concerns over these numbers but were told they could pay for more.

Coun Paul Goodale said: “There’s not one street in Boston where parking is not a problem.”

A cost of £800,000 to introduce the scheme will be met by LCC. The borough council will also pay £13,000 a year for at least a five year period towards the scheme.

Other losses to the borough include income from on-street enforcement (£8,000) going to the county council and fines for off-street being reduced resulting in a £7,000 loss.

However, it was anticipated the scheme would also save the borough £5,000 a year, compared to its current enforcement cost.

It is hoped illegal parkers will be pushed into using legal car parks creating an estimated £9,500 income a year.

It was also revealed Boston Borough Council receives a net income of £215,000 from five on-street car parks it operates which could be withdrawn from the borough council’s responsibility at any time, whether it took on CPE or not.

LCC have decided to let the borough keep this income for at least two years while CPE settles in and will meet after this period to discuss again further.

Councillors voted in favour of the recommendations to refer the resolutions to cabinet and full council for approval.

The committee included an amendment the strategic director and portfolio holder get delegated authority regarding decisions.