Illicit drinking den uncovered at children’s play area

The drink den hidden behind a tree in a corner of Kirton's Dame Sarah Swift Park.
The drink den hidden behind a tree in a corner of Kirton's Dame Sarah Swift Park.

An illicit drinking den has been uncovered in a hidden corner of a children’s play area.

Now police and Boston Borough Council’s anti-social behaviour team have been made aware of the nuisance caused by young adults using the den.

The area, hidden from view in Dame Sarah Swift Park at Kirton, is littered with empty cases of booze, broken bottles and crushed cans. Wooden flooring has been laid and a quilt indicates overnight activity, said the council.

Branches of the tree which hides the den from the casual observer have been broken and nearby neighbours have complained of damage to the fencing between their gardens and the den.

A neighbour also said his garden had been broken into and property stolen, including children’s toys.

Kirton Parish Council runs the park, which has a play area for youngsters and a skatepark for older children.

Chairman Coun Ian Turner said: “It seems to a be a group aged 17 to 20 from Kirton and surrounding villages. They congregate in the den they have set up, where they have stayed overnight. They have been causing a misery for people who live close by in Church Mews and Church Lane and leave litter.

“They have been in the Merry Monk pub, which is closed, and taken items from there to make life more comfortable for themselves.

“It cost £1,000 to repair damage to the children’s play area last year and the skate park cost £35,000 to install and that has graffiti on it.

“Children and families do use the park, and use it properly. But these are spoiling it for everyone.”

He asked that anyone with information about anti-social behaviour in the park passes it on to the police.

Police and the council’s anti-social behaviour team are now taking action to control the misuse.

Boston Borough Council is to clear away the larger items from the drinks den. The council also said the police have taken names for most of the young people involved and have also contacted the brewery to ask them to secure the Merry Monk.