IMMIGRATION: MP says population stats help campaign for cash for Boston

Mark Simmonnds
Mark Simmonnds

Population figures prove what people in Boston already knew – and boost the borough’s case for more cash – according to the MP.

MP Mark Simmonds said: “These figures confirm the Office of National Statistics findings last year which showed a substantial increase in the population of Boston.

“This analysis will support my campaign to achieve funding for Boston that equates to the population that lives here. Our public services are under pressure to deliver to many more people with less money.

“This must be rectified by recognising the amount of people that live here.”

Borough councillor Mike Gilbert backed Mr Simmonds’ call and said the situation also shows the need for an EU referendum to win powers back.

He said: “There is nothing in the reports that Bostonians are not aware of through practical experience, although some of the numbers might be a surprise.

“We all have to live, work and deliver services in circumstances of high migration, whilst maintaining a safe and tolerant town for all our residents.

“Whilst dealing with the practical challenges identified by Boston Borough Council, for example HMOs, it is essential that people support the demand endorsed by our Conservative administration and MP Mark Simmonds for a re-negotiation of the EU settlement and the referendum in 2017.”

Council officer Andy Fisher helped the Home Office with its wide ranging report, attending a meeting in London to help determine the focus. The authority was one of just seven to hold workshops for the Home Office.