IMMIGRATION: ‘People were afraid to speak out for fear of being labelled racist’

Anti-immigration protest that took place in Boston in November 2012. ENGANL00120130128140348
Anti-immigration protest that took place in Boston in November 2012. ENGANL00120130128140348

One of the key figures behind the anti-immigration movement in Boston is Coun Bob McAuley.

The borough and county councillor spoke to The Standard about his take on the current situation – and whether the town has moved on from 2012 when a protest was staged in the Market Place.

“Without a doubt, the protest brought the subject out in the open. Until that time it was still a taboo subject and if you dared to talk about the detrimental effects of immigration you were immediately labelled a racist. People are much more willing to talk about it now.

“I’ve always said our argument is not against the migrants - who could blame them for wanting to seek out a better life for themselves? The children are fantastic and have automatically integrated here. The issue is with Central Government policy.

“But I think people here are more or less resigned to the fact that little is going to be done about the situation.

“We’re getting more immigrants in the borough and as they settle and build families we can see the impact in the schools, on the roads, and in the street.

“The Government needs to look at the consequences - like what is happening to the indiginous population. They need to wake up to the fact that we can’t accommodate this population explosion we have been experiencing for the last decade.

Look at the housing we are building in Lincolnshire alone. It’s a huge concern as we have not got the right infrastructure to sustain all these extra people it will bring. We’ve not got the industries for them to work in. The more we build, the more people will come here.”

We don’t know the true figure for the numbers of people living in the borough. There are alot of unknowns, it’s a serious worry. I think there’s a great deal of mistrust of Government and dispondency among people here now.”