In a little while, crocodile at wildlife park near Boston

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-171020-154954001

Staff at a wildlife park near Boston are looking forward to the arrival of a new reptile next month.

ARK wildlife park, in Stickney, is soon to be home to Becky – a four foot long Morelet’s crocodile (Mexican crocodile).

Morelet’s crocodiles are a relatively small species found in fresh waters of the Atlantic regions of Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.

Their appearance and colour is similar to the American crocodile, but Morelet’s crocodiles tend to be a darker greyish-brown.

Maria Bates, press officer at ARK wildlife park, said: “Becky will be coming from a lovely conservation centre.

“Becky was very well cared for at her previous home but unfortunately, due to forthcoming staff changes they will no longer have anyone on site with the level of crocodile experience required to look after her, so they are sending her to the ARK to ensure she has a safe and happy home forever.”

Although the park are unable to announce Becky’s official arrival date, it is expected that she will be at the Stickney attraction from the beginning of November.

Staff at ARK wildlife park are also celebrating Reptile Awareness Week from Saturday, October 21, to Sunday, October 29.

Reptile Awareness Week aims to educate and inspire audiences of all ages on all things reptilian.

Visitors to the Ark can enjoy close encounters and learn fascinating facts as they are led by resident reptile experts.

Maria said: “It is our hope they will leave the park with a sympathetic repsect for these striking and intriguing creatures.

“Reptile Awareness Week at the Ark promises to be a mesmerizing experience of education and interactions, not to be missed.”

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