In court days after release

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Court News

A homeless man tried to break into a bungalow just a week after being released from custody, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Aiden Keal climbed over a fence and then damaged a gate to get to the rear door of the property in St Leonards Close, Boston.

Julia King, prosecuting, said that Keal then tried the front door before leaving the property.

He entered the back gardens of two more properties in the same close. Keal was confronted by a resident but told the man to ‘stop being nosey’ before walking away.

Keal was arrested later after being identified on film from a CCTV camera installed at one of the properties.

Keal, 24, of no fixed address, admitted attempted burglary on April 6. He also admitted handling a stolen watch and a bracelet taken two days earlier in the burglary of a bungalow in Wellington Road, Boston.

Neil Sands, for Keal, said his client had the chance of both a home and employment and urged the court to defer sentence to allow him to prove himself.

Mr Sands said: “He had been out of custody for one week when these offences were committed.

“He was released without accommodation and he was struggling to survive. He accepts that does not make it right but he offers it as an explanation.”

Last Tuesday, Judge Michael Heath jailed Keal for 18 months and told him: “You have a bad record for offences of dishonesty. You had only been out of custody for a week before you were at it again.

“I understand that was because you had no money and were seeking to survive but that is no excuse.”