INQUIRY: Campaigner calls to close the borders

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CLOSING the borders is the only thing which will enable Boston to deal with the issues arising from immigration, according to campaigner Dean Everitt.

At the final meeting of the task and finish group on Wednesday, the leader of the Boston Protest Group called for the authorities to be allowed to deal with the number of migrants already here.

He told the inquiry: “We’ve got three million unemployed but we are still letting people in when there are no homes and no jobs. Why do we have an open-door policy?

“I would like to aim towards getting the Government to cap immigration and deal with the problems we have got at the moment. I feel until we stop the flow of people the pressure is going to keep boiling.”

Mr Everitt said at the meeting that he and other members of the group felt as if they were ‘banging their heads against a brick wall’ talking to the council, as issues including education provision, unemployment, anti-social behavior and health services were not being addressed.

In a bid to solve some of the perceived problems, he said he wanted to see a zero-tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour and street drinking in Boston, a clampdown on the number of off-licences and a registration of all EU migrants.

Fellow protest group member Bob McAuley urged Boston Borough Council to take ‘a more assertive approach’ to lobbying MP Mark Simmonds to improve the infrastructure of the town, adding that he felt sometimes people were ‘fobbed off’ by the MP.

Mr McAuley added that he thought some of the people who had given evidence to the task and finish group had been ‘out of touch’, questioning where their information had come from.