Inside this week’s Boston Standard

Here’s a quick look at the stories inside this week’s Boston Standard, on sale now:

*Expansion for open prison - North Sea Camp takes on houses to help stop prisoners from ‘culture shock’ when they’re let out

*Crossing the language barrier - we look at the number of non-English pupils at Boston’s schools

*Check out the latest line-up of litter suspects

*Delegation tells housing minister we need more cash

*Boston’s bottom of the league when it comes to recycling in Lincolnshire - found out what the council says about it

*‘Booking’ the trend - In a world of the internet and Kindles our library user numbers are on the up

*Do we need a separate town council to stand up for Boston?

*Boston’s fire station could go 24-hour

*Grammar expert slames decision to drop the apostrophe in ‘Wasterstones’

*Looking back on the stories that hit the headlines in 2011

*Eight pages of sport - including why former striker Spencer Weir-Daley is glad to be back with the Pilgrims

*PLUS Get a great UK holiday from just £10