Inside this week’s Boston Standard

Boston Standard front April 11
Boston Standard front April 11

Here’s a quick look at what’s inside your Boston Standard this week, on sale now...

*Have we been bypassed? With roads due Lincoln, Grantham and Spalding...what’s happening to Boston’s bypass?

*Council inquiry looks at the impact of immigration on employment

*Stump says VAT rise might affect future plans for town’s landmark

*We look at the early contenders in the race to become Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner

*County agrees cash for Boston Barrier project

*Town gets a spring clean

*Councillor campaigns on MRSA cause in memory of father

*Heavy rain sparks mini the week hosepipe ban begins

*Meet the woman who performs as Jessie J and Adele...on the same night!

*Labour vows to fight new borough council ward map. Find out how the changes will affect you.

*Two bands make contest final

*IN SPORT: Gainsborough Trinity’s Jamie Yates gets ready to return to Boston as the build-up to the end of season derby continues

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