Inside this week’s Boston Standard

Front page June 13
Front page June 13
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Here’s a quick look at what’s inside your Boston Standard this week, on sale now:

*Plea for calm as protestors plan to vote on immigration protest march through Boston

*Also, we have coverage of MP Mark Simmonds’ appearance before Boston Borough Council’s immigration inquiry. Mr Simmonds gives his views on the current situation in the borough, the impact on services, the future makeup of the area and some of the positives he believes immigration has brought. He also defends his work as a constituency MP, gives his thoughts on Britain’s future in Europe and outlines the tough new measures he feels Boston needs.

*Diamond Jubilee Fountain has to be taken away after vandalism - council says park suffers daily problems

*Pensioners vows to defy police advice and display anti-religion poster

*Meeting due as opposition to disabled parking plan continues

*CCTV pictures released in bid to catch litter louts

*Veterans pause to remember D-Day

*Baby barn owls killed in vandal attack

*Snap up tickets for our charity centenary show

*We’ve got 13 more stories and 26 more pictures in our second Diamond Jubilee round-up

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