Inside this week’s Boston Standard

Front page June 20
Front page June 20

Here’s a look at the stories inside this week’s Boston Standard, on sale now:

*We’re building up the Olympic Torch Relay with all the details on where to see it plus interviews with a torchbearer, a man who went to the 1948 Olympics, a Sydney torchbearer who is in Boston for our event, a student who will be taking on a security role at the Games and the chief inspector who is on standby for hostage and crisis negotiations.

*Chance to lobby for a bypass - county council’s transport plan gives people the opportunity to ask for a new road

*Council warns ‘honeymoon period’ is over for illegal parkers as cafe culture and craft market come to town

*Police urge all parties to talk about immigration issues as campaigners plan vote on protest march

*Prison term for man in dog abuse case

*Boston Asda staff meet William and Kate

*Stock car driver dies at race meeting

*Silnet protest planned at disabled parking meeting

*NHS says it is well prepared for tomorrow’s industrial action

*Prison service defends vetting policy at North Sea Camp

*Matron vows to put patients first in health change

*IN SPORT: Boston Cricket Club captain vows they can survive this season despite going nine matches without a win

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