Inspirational talk at club

A BOSTON-born mum who has battled against sex discrimination and breast cancer to achieve her dream career gave a fascinating talk to the October meeting of the Boston & District Women’s Luncheon Club.

Helen Parker was interested in aviation as a youngster, but had no idea what hard work it would be for her finally to get the job of her dreams - as a pilot with British Airways (BA).

Helen, who went to Boston’s Park and High Schools, and then to Leeds University, had had ideas of being a pilot in the seventies , but there were no women in the job at that time.

Instead, she became a food technologist, lived for a few years in New Zealand, and decided to use the money she earned in her job to finance her own flying training.

She eventually obtained work as a pilot, working her way up from small aircraft to BA’s big machines, and eventually to a captain’s job back in England.

She took three-and-a-half years off work following her pregnancy and breast cancer, and then began the gruelling road back to full time flying.

She is currently ‘back in the right-hand seat’, and expects to be given back her captain’s role in the New Year.