Into Africa, to spread the word of God

MEMBERS of a Boston church have been spreading the word of God in Africa.

A 14-strong team from the Holy Trinity Church have just returned from Uganda, where their 10-day visit saw them visit schools and hospitals to organise activities with a Christian message. And they even got to stay the night in a mud hut, surrounded by vital mosquito nets.

But even getting to Uganda was a mission for these missionaries.

Owing to the setting up of the no-fly zone over Libya, the flight was routed via Amsterdam to Rwanda, with the final leg of the journey being to Arua by a light aircraft.

On arrival, the group made contact with John Wright, a Holy Trinity church member who is serving with Youth With a Mission as a support worker with local churches, training leaders, ministering in refugee camps and prisons.

Team leader Micki Carey said: “Everybody faced a challenge and worked through it together. We had good accommodation and spent one night out in a village in houses with thatched roofs.”

The team who travelled out to Uganda were Jordan Herd, Rachel Wenninger, Anna Ward, Moira Goddard, Dave Flynn, Mollie Flynn, Debbie Holmes, Micki Carey, Emma Dowson, Daphne Ellis, Hattie Flynn, Joel Dowson, Annie Holmes and Naomi Johnson.