It’s a kind of magical Freddie fundraiser for Queen fan Bec

Bec Sharpe is to dress like Freddie Mercury for 24 hours to raise money for an AIDS charity. GG
Bec Sharpe is to dress like Freddie Mercury for 24 hours to raise money for an AIDS charity. GG

A QUEEN fan and haematology hospital worker from Frampton is to dress in public like Freddie Mercury to raise money for an AIDS charity.

Bec Sharpe, 30, is taking on the unusual challenge of donning the rock star’s iconic outfit, moustache and teeth to raise money for Freddie for a Day – a fundraising initiative by The Mercury Phoenix Trust. The trust was set up in his memory to help fight against AIDS worldwide.

“I work at Grantham Hospital’s pathology department as part of a team that tests blood and diagnoses people with AIDS and other conditions,” said Bec.

“And being a huge Queen fan, I just feel that I want to help people with this terrible disease.”

Bec took part in the first-ever Freddie for a Day fundraising event last year and went to Nurembergring, in Germany, where she spent the day dressed as him in a costume she made herself.

Her efforts saw her being featured on the Freddie For a Day website’s home page – as inspiration for others thinking about taking part.

“Wearing the false teeth can be quite a challenge as I can’t talk with them in,” Bec said.

“And keeping the moustache on can be difficult – last year it fell off into my cup of tea while camping in Germany so I had to discard it and draw it on with eye-liner.”

Freddie For a Day takes place across the world on September 5, to coincide with Freddie Mercury’s birthday.

Bec’s passion for helping others started at a young age when she raised money for the trust in her first year at Boston High School.

“I took part in a sponsored sweet fast for a week,” she laughed.

“This time I’m hoping to raise at least £500.”

This year Bec will travel to Montreux in Switzerland for the annual Freddie Memorial Day – where Queen recorded a number of their songs at the nearby Mountain Studios.

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