Jamaican man, 85, strikes Usain Bolt pose to raise the flag and mark country’s independence

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JAMAICAN Lancelot McFayden may be the proudest man in Boston this week.

Not only has countryman Usain Bolt taken the Olympic gold medal for 100m with a staggeringly fast sprint, but it is also the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence – and he was chosen to represent his country in the town to mark the occasion.

The 85-year-old, who is known at Mac, was chosen to hand over the Jamaican flag to Boston mayor Colin Brotherton before it was raised above the town’s Assembly Rooms on Monday, which was the official day of independence.

Joking that the flag was actually being raised to mark Bolt’s Olympic achievement, Mac struck the sportsman’s now famous victory pose for the camera before handing over the black, yellow and green flag, which was provided by the Jamaican High Commission, to the mayor.

He said he was ‘so proud’.

Another Jamaican Bostonian, Hugh Walcott, from Fiskney, commented he was also proud to see the flag flying in the town where he has lived for 15 years.

The 40-year-old said: “I am quite proud to be Jamaican, and to know we are waving my Jamaican flag here and showing Jamaica to the town here in Boston.”