Join the circus fun in Kirton


Circus Mondao is back in Kirton - offering a ‘night of entertainment with all the traditional circus shows and performers’.

The circus, from Old Leake, will be at the Kirton junction to the A16 Wash Road from tomorrow (Wednesday) to Sunday, March 2.

Admissions are at 2pm and 5pm on Saturday, and 2pm Sunday.

This year features artists who have never before performed in the UK - including the El Moussatti Troupe who, only a few months previously, were entertaining holiday makers on the beaches of Tangier in Morocco with their amazing acrobatic skills. There will also be a duo from Poland’s Got Talent - Charly Comedy Clowns, a spire double trapeze, Andrei on the Chinese pole, and much more.

Details on 07733 288500.