Joining forces over benefits


A campaign has been launched by councils across Lincolnshire in an attempt to crack down on housing benefit fraud and 

Lincolnshire authorities have joined forces and are working together to 
support the Government initiative.

The Lincolnshire campaign, called ‘Tell Us’, runs until March 

The campaign’s key message to housing benefit claimants is simple - ‘if you claim housing benefit, Tell Us, about all changes in your circumstances’ such as:

l Money coming into the home - such as pensions, wages, other benefits or tax credits

l People who live in your home

l Savings and investments

As a priority, the initial focus will be on those considered a high risk of not having reported changes, which means they may have received too much housing benefit which will have to be paid back.

The Government has made funding available to support Lincolnshire’s local authorities.

To report a change in your circumstances, contact Boston Borough Council on 01205 314202