Jurors in murder trial sent home for the weekend

The scales of justice
The scales of justice

Jurors in the trial of the Boston man accused of murdering his estranged wife are to continue their deliberations on Monday.

The eight women and four men spent almost four hours deliberating today (Friday) after retiring to consider their verdict. They were then sent home for the weekend.

Gytis Griskevicius is alleged to have killed his wife Marina Erte, 33, after becoming jealous at the new relationship she had begun with another man.

During the two week trial the jury at Lincoln Crown Court was told that Griskevicius turned up at Marina’s flat in Elizabeth Road, Boston, just hours after celebrating his birthday with his housemates.

Griskevicius is alleged to have savagely beaten Marina leaving her with serious head injuries and then dragged her bleeding body into the bathroom where he drowned her.

He did not give evidence to the jury but in police interviews he denied he was responsible for the killing. He admitted visiting her flat on the night she died but said she was “fine” when he left.

Griskevicius, 32, of St Ann’s Lane, Boston, denies the murder of Marina Erte on May 20, 2016.