Kirton House Fire: Neighbours heard 'massive bang' and 'screams for help' on night of tragic fatal fire

Police continue to probe into a ‘domestic related’ murder after three people were found dead following a New Year’s Day house fire.

Emergency services rushed to a detached house on Pear Tree Road, in Kirton, near Boston on Tuesday after a blaze broke out.

The scene on the morning of the fire. Photo: SWNS

The scene on the morning of the fire. Photo: SWNS

One resident living near the burnt-out house described how he heard a male and female voice "screaming for help" after hearing a "massive bang" at around 3.15am.

The teenager, who didn't want to be named, said: "I can't describe the heat coming from the house, it was so intense.

"I pulled the blind open and saw a cloud of smoke come past. I saw a massive fire.

"A woman jumped out of the window. She had hurt her feet and I think she ended up breaking her leg.

The aftermath of the fatal blaze

The aftermath of the fatal blaze

"She was really struggling to walk. When I first got out she was shouting 'help me'.

"She was in a lot of distress. She was just really panicked. I tried to calm her down.

"She looked like she had just got in from something. She had three glow sticks round her neck."

The teen said the police arrived after around five minutes, and the fire service shortly after that.

Detectives yesterday (Jan 2) confirmed that they are not looking for anyone in connection with the deaths.

Another neighbour John Holland, who ran out of his house to help, added: "Our dog started barking. He was sat at the window barking. I looked out and I could see flames in the reflections of the houses opposite.

"I got dressed straight away and rushed out there. Me and another chap got together and said we had to do something.

The 68-year-old former marine added: "We got a brick and smashed it through the downstairs window.

"We could see a lady inside. She had a dressing gown on. She had blonde hair and looked in her late thirties.

"She was screaming and shouting because she couldn't find her keys.

"She came straight out and we asked her if anyone else was in there. She said yes and pointed at the bedroom window.

"Then the roof dropped in. By the time we got her out the police came and took over.

"We're very sad about it and our condolences go out to the family."

One person was confirmed dead and two injured at the time but officials have now confirmed all three people died in the tragedy.

Officers believe they know the identities of the victims and have informed their families.

A spokesperson for the force said: "Sadly we are now able to confirm that three people have been found dead within the property.

"It will take some time to formally identify them but at this time we believe we know who they are and their families have been notified and family liaison officers are in contact with them.

"We can confirm that we are treating this as a domestic-related murder investigation, but we are not looking for anyone else in connection with this."

Supt Di Coulson says "This is a tragic crime and our thoughts are with the family and friends of those involved.

"We are in contact with the families and will ensure that this is a thorough investigation as we try and understand what happened."

Police are appealing to anyone who has information about the occupants of the address or anyone who was driving in the area from 3pm on New Year's Eve to 3am on New Year's Day.

Large parts of the roof from the burnt-out house were missing.

A section of brickwork from the first floor of the property had also gone, most of it lying on the front lawn.

The road was closed, with a police cordon around the property and officers guarding the entrance.

At least ten fire fighters could be seen wearing white coats, some of whom entered the large detached house by the side.

A red Vauxhall Corsa and black Ford Focus stood on the lawn in front of the house, which is on a quiet residential street.

A boat covered with tarpaulin also stood on the drive.