Kirton vets treat long-eared patient

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-170731-120513001

Elwood, Briggs and Turner vets in Kirton treated this unusual patient last week. The brown long-eared bat was brought into them with fractures to its finger bones believed to have been caused by a cat.

The tiny female creature was found in the local area and brought into the Boston Road practice by a carer for the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT).

Vet Nigel Turner said: “After surgery she received TLC, assisted feeding with mealworms and supplements along with antibiotics until the infection was controlled and healed.”

However, it’s not thought the bat will ever be able to fly in the wild again.

Mr Turner said it will likely live the rest of its life with the Bat Conservation Trust as a ‘demonstration bat’ to help with education and awareness of the species.

The brown long-eared bat is widespread in England - although their numbers have fallen in the last few years. Measuring just 45mm in body length - with ears reaching up to 39mm - they are the UK’s most distinctive species of bat.