LATEST: Flood defence breach is repaired and risk to properties passed

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The authorities have confirmed that the risk to people on the Boston/Wyberton border near the Haven has now passed.

A spokesman said: “High tide has been and gone and the affected area has not flooded. The breach of the defences has been repaired.”

7.30pm: People in one part of the Boston/Wyberton border have been told to prepare for evacuation this evening after a breach was identified in flood defences protecting the area.

Although the warning originally applied to the whole of Wyberton, police are now saying the area at risk is that east of Wyberton Low Road and north of Slippery Gowt Lane.

It is said to affect about 200 properties.

A spokesman said: “We can now better clarify the area at risk. This is the area to the East of Wyberton Low Road and North of Slippery Gowt Lane, which includes the Riverside Industrial Estate.

“Buses are also in operation to assist moving people from the area. The buses are travelling along the B1397, along Tytton Lane East, Wyberton Low Road and left back to the Spirit of Endeavour Pub.”

A spokesman said: “If your property has been identified as one that needs to be evacuated, you will be visited by the emergency services and asked to do so. Everyone else is asked to move to a safe place (e.g. upstairs) or self-evacuate to a location outside of the Wyberton area for the night.”

Anyone unable to evacuate or without a safe place to go to is urged to call 01522 782189.

The spokesman added: “There are no other issues in the Boston area and so no one outside Wyberton needs to evacuate. Over the next few hours there will be an on-going operation by the emergency services to attempt to repair the breach. There will be significant activity in the area. Members of the public are asked to stay away from the area for their own safety and to avoid obstructing the emergency services.”