Latvian man chats to anti-immigration protesters

Martins Zagers approches protesters
Martins Zagers approches protesters

A Latvian national attracted attention when he stepped into the crowd of anti-immigration protesters to speak to them.

Martins Zagers, 34, had an amicable exchange with some of the campaigners holding placards. After listening to their reasons for protesting, Mr Zagers told them he was working in the town, paying his taxes and learning to speak English.

He ended by shaking one protester’s hand.

Speaking to The Standard he commented: “A problem here is some English persons not working because they are too lazy.”

He said from his experience working in the town, some employers would rather take on migrant workers on as they ‘work harder’.

“I try to speak English as I’m in your country and I try to do good for England,” he said.

“I do not understand people who come here and say ‘I don’t need this English language’. But I do not understand people who are protesting and live here on benefits either.”

He added: “I work and pay (towards) benefits, I do not think that’s fair.”