Let the rock music flow All Over You

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A LOT of the bands in Boston which emerge to perform at one of the town’s venues often turn out to be cover bands of various genres.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but it’s always a bit of a surprise when you get handed a CD with a clean cut, original bluesy rock sound.

Rampahed is one of those fresh-out-of-the-blue (forgive the pun) bands.

The three-piece band from Wisbech, Bourne and Old Leake have just released their album, All Over You, online.

The players in this band are Adi Green on drums, Rik Alexander on bass and Blane Robertson-Turner on guitar and vocals.

Manager Steve Dawson, who Blane first played his music to, told me: “Blane played me some music and I was blown away, and he was blown away by the fact I was.”

The album was mastered by David Richardson, a music producer who has worked with top-notch artists including Beyonce and Madness.

Listening to the songs on the 12-track album you can feel a real passion for creative and new music coming through.

The first five or six songs seeming to fit a theme or story while the rest change tempo into great rock and blues music.

The band will also be recording a music video for All Over You in the Boston area at the weekend.

The band’s first gig takes place on March 18, at the Axe and Cleaver, on West Street, Boston,

They’re hoping to be able to tour more pubs around the area over time.

All Over You is available from all major online stores.

l Information: www.twitter.co.uk/rampahed or search for Rampahed on Facebook.