LETTER: Care could not be better at Pilgrim Hospital

Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.
Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.

Enough people are ready to moan about the care that they get when they are in hospital but I would like to praise them and I thought how nice it would be if that was to be in the paper for a change.

I went in last Tuesday with sever breathing problems and coughing up blood. I was In A & E for 8 minutes, through triage and being seen to in a matter of minutes.

The service was super, the staff friendly, the care great and soon sent off to AMU for tests and care. After Ward 7B which is respiratory and the care was second to none. The staff were exceptional, it was clean, the food was delicious, hot and so well presented that it could have been 5* in a restaurant.

I would like to say a big thank you to them and could not think of a better way.

If it is printed great, if not I feel better for letting you know anyway.

One satisfied and on the mend customer.