LETTER: Christmas is not just about one event on one night


Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the switch-on of the Christmas lights.

Our thanks and gratitude must, of course, go to those adults and children that made the effort to make the evening what it was.

The event I believe was a success.

Some of the shops , Oldrids in particular, made a great effort on their displays, but that is where the plaudits end, I’m afraid.

On our first visit into town following the switch on, we were completely underwhelmed by the Christmas lights and decorations.

The Christmas tree in the town centre is an embarrassment to the town.

The dire lighting display would grace a Dickensian poverty-stricken town.

We are continually being told that Boston is a thriving, bustling, successful town.

Well, that affluence is certainly well hidden, if the fairy tale is to be believed.

How on Earth can we attract visitors to the town at this crucial time of year for with such a meagre and miserable display?

All I seem to read and hear is laments and excuses.

In reality and truth, our town needs to actually make more of an effort than most due to the poor publicity it keeps receiving and businesses that depressingly continue to close or move away.

Making Christmas more attractive so more visitors come to Boston should be top of the agenda for the sake of the town’s prosperity and future.

Councillor Skinner and the council have failed spectacularly to acknowledge their gross misjudgment and the dangers facing our town centre businesses.

Christmas is not just about one event on one night.

And please don’t get me started on our local NHS services being butchered.

Salvatore Cannizzaro