LETTER: Cuts leave morale low


Because of the economic situation in 2010 and to help the council out, Boston Borough Council’s staff accepted the temporary suspension of some of their entitlements round pay and conditions in the firm understanding that by 2014 they would be reinstated.

Unfortunately, we have to inform you the council has reneged on this deal. In fact, over the next five years, they want to make a further £200,000 worth of cuts from the staff’s pay and conditions. You won’t be surprised if we tell you that the council’s cabinet have decided to proceed with these draconian cuts, only allowing three weeks for the unions to discuss their final package. As you can imagine GMB and Unison, on behalf of their members, will not want to formally agree to lose more of their hard earned wages and will see little point in entering into discussions with an authority that is not prepared to keep its word.

We question, leaving aside the unfair way which council staff are being treated, whether this is the time to take £200,000 out of the local economy of Boston, it will be a real blow to local businesses struggling to survive. Furthermore the moral of the staff is at an all-time low as they don’t trust any deals made by their employers as they renege on their agreements.

Boston Labour councillors