LETTER: Five issues to be addressed in Boston


At a recent meeting of the Boston Disability Forum a discussion was held regarding issues we would like to see resolved to make life easier for the public in general and disabled people in particular in the town centre.

The following five items were considered to be the most important:

1. The re-introduction of town centre public

toilets, especially for the disabled.

2. The launch of a vigorous campaign to sort out the obstruction of pavements and dropped kerbs, whether by vehicles or A boards and other signage.

3. The provision of clear and understandable markings in the Market Place so that they are easily understood by both motorists and pedestrians alike, thereby making this area a much safer place for all to use.

4. The provision of clearly defined parking areas in order to eliminate any possible confusion.

5. A ‘champion’ to represent disabled people at council meetings.

We would be extremely interested to see how many prospective candidates standing in the forthcoming borough council elections would be willing to sign up to this.

Roger Fixter

Chairman Boston Disability Forum