LETTER: In denial over parking


I am delighted to see that the borough council has been successfully involved with a bid for Heritage Lottery Funding. It is hoped to improve the shops fronts and historic properties in and around the Market Place.

Some criticise this administration as if it can do no right, but this is not entirely correct; for example if you look at the performance of the Geoff Moulder Leisure Centre it has improved markedly in the last four years both reducing running costs and increasing usage.

However, when it comes to the Market Place, and in particular car parking charges, the administration are in denial. Car parking charges are too high and discourage use of the town centre. Beautifying it will not resolve this problem.

I am sure the next stage of the Heritage Lottery Fund will require public consultation and I urge everyone to look for this and have their say. Perhaps this time this administration, or perhaps a new one after the May election, will listen and, yes make the Market Place vibrant but with reasonable charges to park encouraging people to use our Town Centre once again.

Sue Bell