LETTER: Managing flood risk - dredging and the ‘myths’


Flooding can never be prevented entirely. However, by following the Association of Drainage Authorities’ new 10 point plan for managing water across the whole of a river’s catchment from source to the sea, the risks of flooding can be substantially reduced.

The different parts of a river catchment and the land uses within it are connected so that what happens in one area affects others. The ADA 10 point plan manages these interactions positively to control the flow of water through the catchment so that the risk of flooding to people, property and businesses can be reduced whilst at the same time bringing other benefits for water availability and quality, recreation and the environment.

The current floods have focussed attention on dredging. ADA has busted some of the popular myths about dredging by giving the facts.

The ADA factsheet ‘Dredging: myth-busters’ provides the truth behind statements such as: ‘Dredging stops flooding’; ‘Dredging is important to reduce flooding’; ‘Dredging

is the only way to lower

the risk of flooding’; and ‘Dredging damages the environment’.

The ADA 10 point plan and factsheet are available on the website, www.ada.org.uk/downloads.html

Diana Walker

Secretary, Black Sluice Internal Drainage Board